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Mc Kayla Biography Photo Mc Kayla Biography
Born: 1/17/1977
Aliases: Michaela, Michela, McKalla

Born: January 17th, 1977
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Resides now in: Pasadena, CA
Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
Weight: 112 lbs.
Hair: Red / Blonde
Eyes: Green
Breasts: 33B Waist: 24" Hips: 32"

Porn Star McKayla's a hypnotic strawberry blonde All American So-cal girl next door gal whose piercing green eyes and supermodel poise for passion-filled playtime made her a favorite of fans from coast to coast. McKayla's amazingly petite aerobicized perfectly-breasted stature is a delight to behold, but it's her energetic display of naughty nakedness that made her one of the busiest bodies in the business period.

McKayla first got into hardcore in the late 90's meeting friends in the industry while modeling and spoof spots on set with the girls at XXXtreme, taking the ropes on early in 1998 under the wing of adult set porno stud Steve Austin.

Her first few scenes were synchronisticly magical portrayals of love makin' at its finest with Austin (like their sizzling meeting of the flesh in 'Sex Stories'), but she was soon branching out and taking on a wide variety of scenic splendor.

She proved herself to be quite the able oralist, lavishing her mouth loving on audiences in tasty features like 'Blow Job Fantasies #5' and 'Shane's World #18,' where McKayla shares her wildly wet skills with some ready to rumble stud named Billy and a lucky fan.

McKayla more often known for her subtly soft in nature and subduingly sexual & smooth subtle scenes. Among her best slow-burning sessions is her meeting with Pat Myne in 'Watcher #3.' McKayla let the scene build at its own pace, slowly revving herself and her partner up as the segment grew in power and passion. In 'Sheer Desire,' McKayla delivered another transfixing slow-grind with Todd Alexander, a highly vocal sex-stomp that built to some unbelievingly sexy heights.
With a whimsical number of features under her firm little frame,
McKayla was one of the most sought after and hard working youthful lovelies on the scene.

Her stated sexual curiosity was obvious from the start. The dazzling naturally formed sexy stature she gained would remain unaltered by cosmetic enhancement throughout her career. Pure pride exudes from this sexpot of raw beauty, as she states "I got what it takes and If you don't like what I have, don't ask for more", as noted from a director in late 2000, as she walked out on a try out for a DP film. She only took the roles she really felt for, and made it known when she didn't feel the love. Soon after that She decided to pursue other interests outside the adult movie field. McKayla took on many courses in new educational pursuits, brief trials in sales, modeling, slowly disappearing from the radar of adult business. No recent titles as of 2001 have seen her likeness.

McKayla showed a near expert like sentiment for the actors she took scenes with; never a complaint or shocking dis-affectionate remark was spoken about this tasty treasure. True kindness and fond affection flowed within the makings of this stunner's scenery. It came as no surprise the mention for which she was honored by her adult film associates. Directors felt as if every scene was a one take with her professionalism and spot on performances.

Fans of naturally nubile young stunners can still get quite a charge out of any of her numerous romps. As she felt with her awe inspiring natural beauty, her fans admire on as showing growing sales of her fine displays of adult fantasy film.

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